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How to download the original photo:
  Click on the Information link at the bottom of the page. You should end up with a 'Download full-size image' link on the left.
How to contact Jack:
  Send me an email: cannoneer@takeovertheworld.org


My wife took most of these pics. I took a few of them and family have sent some photos to me. If you email me photos I will try to add them.

You can bypass the gallery by typing in the folder name. For example to view the photos for 2012-09-15 go to http://takeovertheworld.org/cannons/2012-09-15/

The '<< Previous' and 'Next >>' buttons are a little strange. If you click on an image and then close it (either by clicking on the image or clicking 'Close Image') the same photo loads the next time you click on an image. If the two images are at a different aspect ratio you will see the first image stretched out. The new image is being downloaded in the background. Once it is loaded it will replace the first image. This can seem a bit weird.