Diablo 2 Character Decoder

My Diablo 2 character decoder reads .d2s files. These are the files that Diablo 2 uses to store character information. This information can then be viewed in a web browser. It is written in PHP.

Click here to see an example.

charinfo.zip - 50k - July 11 2009 17:26:52

How to use
0. Upload
Unzip charinfo.zip and upload the charinfo folder to your web server.

1. Fix the path
Edit the 3rd line of index.php. This line contains the path to your character files. They must be on the web server somewhere.
    $path = '/home/bnetd/bnetd/var/charsave/';
If your save files have the .d2s extention you will also need to edit the 8th line. It it currently:
    $file = $path . $character;
You may need to change it to:
    $file = $path . $character . ".d2s";

2. Set the default start page
If anything goes wrong (bad character name / no such character) the script can jump to your ladder page or character list page. You need to define that in each .php file. Near the top of each php file there will be a line that looks like this:
//    header('Location: http://your.ladder.page/');
Change the web address to something more appropriate and remove the // at the beginning of the line.

3. Link to the decoder
On your ladder page or character list link to the character decoder like this:
Replace 'your.ladder.page/charinfo/' with your domain and the path to the charinfo folder.
charname should be the filename of the character you want to decode.

This character decoder uses the two clause BSD License. There is a copy included in the zip file named LICENSE. You can read it here.

Diablo® II is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.