The.Matrix-ASCII is the original Matrix movie encoded in text. The finished product is an MPEG-2 file 7989979136 bytes in size, too large to fit on a DVD5. I re-encoded the ASCII movie to fit on a standard DVDR. The two samples are from the larger file and are higher quality. The DVDR is available through BitTorrent. If you wish to download the final movie or either of the samples using BitTorrent I suggest TheSHADOW's BitTorrent Client.

Below the downloads is a text box that allows you to see any frame of the movie and its ASCII equivalent. Just click in the text box and hit enter. The images are stored on an external drive and may or may not be available.

Please note that the samples (not the torrent links) will not be streamed to your movie player. They must be downloaded before they can be played. Right click on the links and select save to download them.

The.Matrix-ASCII-sample.mpg.torrent - 33M - 42 seconds, studios and title. 135 columns, 720x480.
The.Matrix-ASCII.mpg.torrent - 358M - 6 minutes 36 seconds, opening scene. 135 columns, 720x480.
The.Matrix-ASCII.torrent - 4.38G - 2 hours 16 minutes, DVDR. 135 columns, 720x480 - released January 16th 2004.
The.Matrix-ASCII-sample.mpg - 33M - 42 seconds, studios and title. 135 columns, 720x480 - Temporarily removed.
The.Matrix-ASCII.mpg - 358M - 6 minutes 36 seconds, opening scene. 135 columns, 720x480 - Temporarily removed.
DVD Cover - 849k
DVD Insert - 4.2M
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Progress:All frames are encoded (1-196158)

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A scene from the matrix, in ASCII.

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This notice stolen from Zion Mainframe.
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Because I love this movie.
This was the first thing I thought of when I first saw AA-Lib with MPlayer. I have to admit I did not think of it when I saw ttyquake. After I watched The Matrix with MPlayer on a Linux console I wanted it to be green and I wanted to be able to watch it anywhere.

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